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Sport: Women Basketball 10-11

Week 19 (Final): Mar. 14, 2011
Last updated: Mar. 14, 2011 -- 9:52 PM

All Number 1's

 Team   #1 Votes 

Extreme Voters
(Voters with the highest number of rankings on the extreme, and voters with the highest number of rankings near the extreme. All rankings must be in the top/bottom 10% to qualify.)

 Voters   Extreme   Near Extreme   Total 
 Patricia Babcock McGraw   7   0   7 
 Adam Minichino   6   4   10 
 Katrina Waugh   6   3   9 

All ranked teams

 Team   # of Votes   Highest Rank   Lowest Rank 
 Bowling Green 
 Florida State 
 Fresno State 
 Georgia Tech 
 Iowa State 
 James Madison 
 Kansas State 
 Louisiana Tech 
 Miami (FL) 
 Michigan State 
 North Carolina 
 Northern Iowa 
 Notre Dame 
 Ohio State 
 Penn State 
 St. John's 
 Texas A&M 
 Texas Tech 
 West Virginia 
 Wis.-Green Bay 


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